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Edition Kiyo Wada

Researching Swedish composers' music through playing the music is my lifework and I am now living in Sweden for it.
For performing Swedish composers’ pieces which are not published, I edit sometimes myself the music after composers’ manuscript etc.
Here you can buy the music scores which I have edited. 

Available now!

Wilhelm Stenhammar
Fragment from an unfinished Cello sonata in G minor

Score, cello part and critical commentary

I created this edition from sketches of a sonata for cello and piano by Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871 – 1927). It seems that Stenhammar never completed the work and has left us only the initial idea of a sonata. In creating this edition, my ambition has been to present purely the music of Stenhammar himself and thus I have avoided, as much as possible, altering the pitches present in his sketches.

It is only a fragment. But it is possible to try to play the music in totalt 86 bars. It would be useful for researching his music.

Digital version (pdf)

ISMN 979-0-9006116-0-4 

Printed version
ISMN 979-0-9006116-1-1
53 sek 

Coming soon!

Helena Munktell
Kleines trio 

Emil Sjögren

Helige ande (for song, violin and organ)

*The comments for the scores above are not yet ready. But if you want to plan concerts with them, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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